Many of the most severe indoor health threats are the hardest to find. But after investigating health hazards and conducting expert mold assessments in over 5,000 homes and workplaces, the Microecologies team knows what to look for, where to look for it, how to test for it, why it’s happening, and how to eliminate it.

We stand apart from other investigators because we put the health of our clients above all other considerations. We have the knowledge, credentials, and experience to understand the associations between our clients’ exposure to indoor environmental contaminants and their health complaints. That’s why many of New York’s leading allergists and pulmonologists recommend referring their patients to us when water damage or a mold problem is potentially causing asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, allergy, or chronic fatigue symptoms.

Our experience and proven track record have made us metro New York’s preferred investigative team – we were even voted “Best of New York” by New York Magazine. Leading attorneys call us in as expert witnesses in mold cases. Property managers rely on our expert mold testing and lead-based paint assessments before proceeding with a mold removal or lead paint abatement project. Co-op Boards engage us to identify and solve secondhand cigarette smoke exposure and odor complaints.
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Inspection Services

  • Mold and Water Damage
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Lead Paint and Lead Poisoning
  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspection
  • Odor, Chemical, and Tobacco Smoke
  • Construction, Demolition, and Renovation Dust
  • Environmental/Construction Forensics
  • Workplace hazards and OSHA compliance
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Explore Our Expert Witness Services

If you’re a defendant or plaintiff involved in – or thinking about initiating – litigation regarding an indoor environmental concern, we could help your case. Learn more about our expert witness services.

Our “Factor of Five” Inspection Promise

  • Fully Guaranteed – We stand behind the accuracy of our findings 100%
  • Fast – No waiting for urgent problems! We respond immediately, and you’ll receive a verbal report right after our inspection, followed by a formal written report including fully interpreted test results, photo documentation, and a site-specific scope of work.
  • Friendly – While we’re scientists, we speak human: we’ll explain our findings in terms you’ll understand
  • Focused – On your health concerns – on finding the source of the environmental factors contributing to your symptoms – and on providing a site-specific plan describing how to safely and effectively eliminate the problem(s)
  • Forward Thinking – We stay on top of the latest health and environmental sciences developments, environmental instrumentation, and analytical methods. This ensures that our knowledge of indoor air quality issues and our methods for mold testing, laboratory analysis, and abatement technologies are state-of-the-art