Expert Witness


Respected. Trusted. Courtroom-Tested.
After solving over 5,000 cases of indoor environment problems in the Greater New York City area, the Microecologies team is known for being industry experts. So when lawsuits and legal issues arrive in the industry, we’re the first ones called to deliver expert testimony. Using our signature approach of science-based evidence made understandable to the average person. We carefully prepare compelling testimony that resonates throughout the court.

Experience and Expertise on Your Side
Microecologies founder and Chief Investigator Bill Sothern, MS, CIH, LEED AP, is a Certified Industrial Hygienist who’s also an in-demand expert witness throughout the courtrooms of New York. Bill’s effectiveness in court has earned him the respect of both his clients’ attorneys and the opposing legal team – many of whom now choose to engage his expertise. The Microecologies expert witness services have been utilized in the Civil Court of the City of New York, Queens and Kings, counties throughout New York, and in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

Engaging Our Expert Witness Services
Contact us to get started if you’re considering hiring Bill Sothern for his expert opinion or as an expert witness. We can analyze and review existing building and environmental inspection reports, health reports, and previous court cases, and we’ll often conduct our own independent inspection to ensure that we have the necessary admissible evidence. We’re experienced in interfacing with attorneys and legal teams and understand the often complex process of presenting expert testimony. Our expert witness fees are competitive and, according to our satisfied clients, are worth the investment.

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