For allergic diseases, including asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), and other immune system mediated conditions, the offending allergen is often hiding silently in unseen places even in the most meticulously maintained homes. While pharmaceuticals can be effective in controlling symptoms, we have demonstrated in thousands of cases that identifying the exposure source of and eliminating the offending allergen can substantially or completely resolve our clients symptoms. Recommended by NYC’s leading pulmonologists at Weill Cornell Medicine, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYU Langone Health, and Lenox Hill Hospital.

The Hidden Mold Problem

What you see…

NYC luxury condo – sustained rain water damage from wind-driven storms.
NYC loft condo – poorly designed HVAC system blowing moisture into ducts.

What we find…

Homeowner suffers from HP caused by long-term exposure to hidden mold on plywood sub-flooring.
Homeowner suffers from multiple symptoms caused by exposure to hidden mold in difficult to access supply ducts.

Who Are We?

A small group of highly trained, credentialed and experienced mold and indoor air quality inspectors (see team). We also have a background as general and mechanical contractors, which gIves us an unusual ability to identify water intrusion sources and write site- specific scopes of work to correct the mold and HVAC hygiene problems that we find and that are provoking our clients health symptoms. Over these past 30+ years, we have conducted over 10,000 inspections in response to occupant health concerns and we have used this knowledge both to help each client we serve and to benefit the greater public health interests.

Using Practice to Inform Mold Research, Mold Policy,
and Mold Law

Authors of and Contributors to Mold Research and Government Mold Guidelines

Experts in the Science of the Black Mold Stachybotrys chartarum

The current consensus of scientific research holds that it is implausible that humans could be exposed to Stachybotrys chartarum and the mycotoxins it produces (Satratoxin G & H) at levels that would be necessary to provoke the widely reported neurological symptoms (chronic fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, difficulty concentrating) reported by people exposed to this black mold. Our review of the published scientific literature finds that such an association may indeed be plausible but will need to be validated by well designed animal studies mimicking the long-term chronic exposures that people living in homes contaminated with Stachybotrys chartarum actually experience. This finding is amplified by a pilot study that represents a preliminary analysis of our most recent 3000 client files where laboratory testing was conducted and our client’s health symptoms were recorded, and the analysis of our findings shows a strongly elevated risk of experiencing neurological symptoms when exposed to Stachybotrys chartarum relative to being exposed to other molds.

Other Indoor Environmental Services

We are also experts in the science of:

• HVAC Mechanical Hygiene Assessment
• The Science of Assessing Construction and Renovation Dust and Vapor
• Environmental Tobacco Smoke Infiltration (ETS)
• Odor Assessment and Source Control

• Chemical Vapor / VOC Emissions Assessment
• Formaldehyde Assessment
• Covid Preparedness

• Fresh Air Ventilation
• Exhaust Ventilation
• Lead Based Paint Risk Assessment
• Pre-Purchase Inspections

No conflict of interest. We are expert investigators and remediation planners, but do not conduct remediation contracting work. Upon request, we will provide our clients with a listing of qualified and trusted remediation contractors.

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