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Identify & Solve Indoor Environmental Problems Since 1993

"In every endeavor, we strive for perfection, and settle for excellence."
                                                                                                                    -Microecologies' creed

Microecologies is a company of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated environmental professionals, holding Master's degrees in engineering, environmental and occupational health, chemistry, and public health, whose purpose since 1993 has been to help our clients live and work in healthy indoor environments by identifying and correcting environmental hazards, including water damage and mold problems; odor, chemical vapor, and second-hand cigarette smoke infiltration problems; construction and renovation dust infiltration problems; and a host of other indoor environmental problems that have the potential to adversely affect occupant health.

Many of our investigations are made in response to occupant health complaints, where there is a concern that exposure to an indoor air quality or environmental problem may be provoking allergies, asthma, or other health problems.

Microecologies has successfully identified and eliminated indoor environmental problems for residents, property managers and office managers in over 5,000 cases throughout the New York City metro area, and Microecologies is widely recognized as a leader in providing indoor environmental inspections, including certified mold inspections and certified lead inspections, that not only identify occupant exposure hazards, but also provide detailed engineering scopes of work to remediate those hazards.  In addition to occupant health concerns, many inspections are conducted on a more proactive basis, either as pre-purchase inspections or to assure that occupants are living and working in healthy environments.

If you are concerned about an indoor environmental problem, please call us today and explain your situation to an experienced and caring environmental professional who will patiently listen to your concerns and help you decide how to proceed.

In The News


Battling Mold Infestations
Toxic mold continues to be a problem in NYC. Of the roughly 500 mold cases in the city investigated each year by Microecologies®, one-fourth are in buildings less than five years old, where incorrectly installed plumbing or insulation has caused water damage.  Read More


Mold, Come Out With Your Hands Up 
Microecologies® volunteered its services in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and in New York City after Hurricane Sandy, battling household mold problems caused by the events. The Microecologies® team has conducted more than 5,000 investigations over the years, often with the help of a vacuum pump and an “air-o-cell” device, which collects airborne mold spores for laboratory testing.  Read More


Wall Street Journal
Mold Claims NYC court validates science behind mold-related illness, overturning the 2008 decision blocking mold claims. Read more


Microecologies® voted “Best of New York”
After decades of serving NYC residents and businesses, Microecologies® received recognition from New York Magazine’s Best of New YorkRead more

World Health Organization
WHO adopts Microecologies®  video Mold Clean-up Guidance for New Orleans Area Residents Affected by Hurricane Katrina. Watch video

Guidelines for the Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments
Microecologies® is recognized as a contributor in a 2008 update to Guidelines. Read more

ABC News Nightline airs “Deadly Lead”
Microecologies® and ABC News investigators warn parents about lead hazards in children’s jewelry & toys. Watch video

ABC News Nightline airs “'The Lookout': The Undercover House”
Microecologies® and ABC News investigators team up to evaluate seven mold inspectors with radically different approaches. Watch video


Disaster Recovery – Mold Remediation Guidance
Microecologies® is acknowledged as a contributor in the 2013 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Disaster Recovery – Mold Remediation Guidance booklet. Read more

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