Asthma & Diseases

asthma_nasalWhat You Can’t See CAN Hurt You
One of every five Americans suffers from allergies. One in fourteen have asthma – which isn’t curable, but can be managed. In NYC, it’s even worse, with the prevalence of asthma at one in eight overall, and one in five in inner city areas like East Harlem. What’s a major contributing factor to these startling statistics? Poor indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution is all around us…in wealthy homes and low-income housing, in public buildings and just-built offices. Indoor air pollution causes allergies and diseases that impact all ages: from dust mites that cause a toddler to develop allergic rhinitis, to mold spores and secondhand smoke delivering a one-two punch that triggers asthma in a senior citizen. Just recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded that indoor dampness from plumbing leaks and rainwater infiltration is a major cause of asthma.

The good news? Unlike the air outdoors, you can control indoor air quality. With the help of a qualified indoor environmental inspector, you can pinpoint the allergens, irritants, or toxins making you sick. It’s the first step in healthier living.

Microecologies: Solving the Allergy Equation

Susceptibility + Exposure = Allergy

No matter what you’re allergic to – mold, dust mites, pollen – the allergic process is the same. Your body’s immune system “overreacts,” mistaking an allergen for a serious infection. This starts an inflammatory response that results in red eyes, itchiness, a runny nose, or shortness of breath. For such a common condition, scientists still don’t fully understand what causes people to be allergic to certain substances. The consensus is that allergies arise from a combination of susceptibility and exposure. Susceptibility can result from a genetic predisposition or a weakened immune system. Exposure involves what you come into contact within your environment, which may trigger an existing allergy or create a new immune system response. That’s where the Microecologies team can help.

Reduce Your Exposure, Reduce Your Symptoms
Often recommended by leading allergists and pulmonologists, Microecologies has conducted over 5,000 indoor air quality inspections over the past 23 years, where we’ve accurately identified and helped to eliminate the source of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses for our clients who have suffered from each of the environmental diseases/conditions discussed below. Contact us so we can uncover the allergens you’re being exposed to in your home or workplace and provide you with a site-specific, step-by-step plan explaining how to effectively rid them from your environment and prevent them from coming back.