Good Indoor Air Quality Improves Productivity

Harvard: Improved Indoor Air Quality Doubles Executive Decision-Making Scores In a study conducted by researchers at Harvard and Syracuse Universities and published in the October 26 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers found that managers exposed to lower levels of

Mold Inspection: Hidden Mold

The Truth About Hidden Mold This husband and wife team is well-known in the art world, and has travelled across the globe in search of antiquities, some that grace their beautifully furnished Manhattan condo and others that they’ve donated to

The Curse of the Penthouse

Soon after this highly successful couple and their two young daughters moved into their $10,000,000+ Manhattan penthouse condo, both children began experiencing cough and wheeze symptoms at night. At first, their parents and pediatrician believed these were probably cold and

NY Times article – Mold Come Out with your Hands Up

Bill Sothern of Microecologies was among the first of the first responders when Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on houses along the NY shoreline in October 2012. Bill’s efforts with NYC Resilience (a coalition of government, NGO and academic institutions) led

Giving Back to the Community

For over 20 years, Microecologies has been actively involved in community service projects. This includes the AIM (Asthma Intervention Methods) Program, which Microecologies authored and implement in East Harlem through a partnership with the Little Sisters of the Assumption Family